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Dr. Geordie Duckler A nationally-known attorney with over 30 years of experience,
Dr. Geordie Duckler operates The Animal Law Practice, a law firm unique in the West Coast that assists those confronted by, and seeking to resolve, all variety of animal-related legal issues:

  • From city and county code violation hearings to full-scale civil jury trials and arbitrations
  • From minor concerns about a single pet to major disputes over farm or ranch animals, exotics, breeding stock, and livestock
  • From animal contract issues to biting incidents to criminal abuse or neglect charges
  • From small worries about veterinarians to claims for nuisance on behalf of entire neighborhoods
  • From the most private concern to the most public wrong

With nearly 1500 animal law cases successfully handled over the last 30 years, the Practice has a nationally-recognized reputation for maneuvering effectively through the entire universe of legal concerns raised by the rich and diverse relationships people have developed with the animals around them.

Should you have any question about your legal rights or responsibilities affected by an animal's actions, by an owner's actions, by the health, safety, or welfare of an animal, or by the obligations or privileges associated with having an animal, please contact the practice by phone (503) 546-8052, by fax (503) 841-6278, or by e-mail at

831 SW Hume St.    Portland, Oregon 97219    503-546-8052

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